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My first forum um, as title ,when warming ,say, guitar , into a shout drum loop ,sounds OK ,

so cliq record (in comp mode), and end up with usefull  CLIPS ,then invariably  want

to re-splice all the CLIPS ,back to a single track keeping the  CLIPS  as well.,,,,then sort out arrangments

as usually created by that  1st track

To note ,this I dont think is lazzy,, the point for me is trying simply loop tracks,,I think of them as

tech metronomes ,and if I get INTO it,,man u-no,,then just cliq rec.  (with my modified mouse footswitch) or try other loops or drum 

patterns,, there is an option to drag (great function) the rythem loop out to my default 70-72 bars,

tho if I do ,that loop invariably gets changed,, and changed ,so , feature request ,possible right  cliq CLIP-LANES

button to  RE-SPLICE  CLIPS , saves a lot of drag-in.   Jon.

I carry-on this request with a small example,that shows how many copy,paste, so as to then FLATTEN . I,m

not sure ,I think your programming in for capturing the best takes, I haven,t got that far yet ,it is my 6 year 

attempt to CREATE a song arrangment from ONE LIVE TAKE (with errours) then construct to that,.I spend

hours playing git to loops and have never had recording edit that can keep the git-track and then create 

drums, bass  and so-on to that track .Sonar (bandlab) is right there for me except for the Re-splice of 20--140  CLIPS

I considered this to be quite normalish way of writing and constructing ,the inspired initial track in clock sync 

so then anythings possible.. I must just say it,s great listening to the single  CLIPS,, EVERY-ONES-A-LOOPY!!! Jon

If this seems to get some response ,I want to try something like ,Does Bandlab have a overview objective as a recording software, mine is

still to record Rok-en Roll, mostly from live instruments and edit either for live band rehearsals or finished songs, Jon

Re-splice takes.jpg

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Some of you might like to do it this way,,call OURR-WAY

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I hope I,m not in breach of rules ,spent 20 years talking to myself, so I thought let,s keep this going by replying to myself 

with the current state of Jon,s comp recording ,,So as to try and get a  ± 70 bar live track recorded using   using  tempory

preset loops in comp mode and in a readable screen size without scrolling page ,,I  >> load loop >>  copy drag ± 10 to 12 bars

>> set loop brace >> cliq record button  in template voc / guitar  song  as soon as things start to happen .....>> stop   rewind

 Now  ,,,if  my head says  all should be OK   I only have  ± 6 to 8 clips to  re-splice ,,, this is working for me  and I am currently

working on 2  song s like this ,, the next task being ,,,probably to try some live drum takes  to the original re-spliced tracks

and so on,,,  a bit  slow and   data,, I have just found Q&A   that might be a better place for this   tho I could not find it in  sonar

homestudio manuel ,,,so   keep going  with RE-SPLICE COMPS till the ±70 bars sound like my  2  & 4 bar bittts,, Jon     🚍 .

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