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Cakewalk on the Road, how good does my Laptop has to be?




my budget for a laptop is very limited(500€/550$), but I wanna be mobile.

The official website says, Cakewalk requires a multi core cpu with a clock speed of at least 2.6 GHz.

Affordable Laptops for me dont really reach that.

The i5 7200U Prozessor clocks at 2.5 GHz, which is barely out of range.

Is there anyone who has experiences with running Cakewalk on a Budget Laptop?



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I spent 2-3 years sorting my  ON -THE -ROAD system out ,the key bit for  me  was low power consumption working with

100 watt solar in winter low light (summers no problem) I wanted a DAW to start with ,then add computer software latter.

Unable to find a DAW  with midi requirements I got a simple i3 tablet (£140) to get started and free Ableton  ,looking then

@ Sonar  ± £ 47 for low income users as well with the staff view.  3 melted tablets latter a £60   i7 laptop showed me the 

reel difference i3 to i7 , but also the power consumption  of laptop was not workable in winter .This took me a long time ..

..........the tablets in short are mostly large screen phones ,,,,the laptops are compact PC's..they are 2 completely different 

PROCESSOR families and subsequently totally different power consumption  (if -u-a,v-time ) see WIKI processor spec,s..

the ANSWER is i7  tablets @  crazy money  tho my subsequent i7 ,,8gb ram SURFACE @£ 500 does the job   2 hours

usually minimum even on a DULL English  day  ,,,,,,,to note ,,,,budget all spent the DAW does not seem to exist  just to add

I  finally realised what it is,,  DAW,s ,, err um,, do not record midi ,, some of them have  midi  to run there automation ,,,After much

research I realised thats the only thing the computer software does ,,so now await and ask for audio and midi recording DAWs

to STAND ALONE as they say ,,,,, with built in complete software (sonar/band /lab) and a large screen ,like laptops,,i7 low power

  and a USB  tea's maid ,,ha ha,,,so I ,,WE don't have to battle with O.S. .. anymore ,,.Jon        see IDEAL DAW drawn years ago 

ideal set-up.JPG

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