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ReValver Acquired by Audio Media Research - Revalver is now FREE!!!

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9 minutes ago, Scott Mire said:

Hello everyone....

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get here. It's been one heck of a week, as you can imagine. There's a lot going being discussed and I'll do my best to cover all of it.

First off, for anyone one that is having trouble activating ReValver, this video will get you going:


If you are still having issues....please please send an email to support (at) audiomediaresearch.com or (even better) fill out the support form at www.audiomediaresearch.com. By submitting the form, you are ensured that nothing falls through the cracks.

Ok...about Peavey and AMR. Here's the story. ReValver was originally developed by Michael Ljunggren in Sweden under his company Alien Connections. At the time, I was working at Peavey and stumbled across Michael and struck up a conversation. Come to find out, he thought that he had taken things as far as he could on his own and was looking to sell the company. I went to Hartley Peavey and basically convinced him to buy the company and hire Michael. So, Michael and I teamed up and got to work. First came III, then III.V, then 4. One thing that never really came was the resources we needed to grow. In all fairness to Peavey, this was not intentional. The last few years has seen the audio industry pounded by changing markets, China tariffs, the decline of the independent retailer, etc, etc. Peavey has had to refocus on it's core competencies.....and being a software company was just not one of them. So, after a few years of dragging along the best that we could, we knew something had to change and, honestly, so did Peavey. So, to make a very long story short, we are now an independent company. It's important to realize that although the "company" has changed hands a couple times....it's still the same core team....and we are dedicated and passionate about ReValver. It's also important to note that Jose is still with us handling support. Jose is amazing and a superhero. We were also truly blessed to have Hartley Peavey be on our board of directors. He is truly a legend and has been on of ReValver's biggest supporter and, without him, we wouldn't be here today.

Sigh.....the dreaded "dongle". I will be honest, before the dongle, we were suffering terribly to piracy. After, things got better. Having said that, we are completely open to any ideas. I'm going to look around to see what other options we can look at. What needs to happen asap is a way for customers to manage their registered USB devices. That is a priority for me.

We also agree that we needed to focus on getting more bass content in ReValver. We are on it. 

So, yes....we have new releases coming soon. As you guys mentioned, Craig Anderton did review our new apps. Unfortunately, this happened right before the Peavey/AMR conversion, which pushed things back about a month.

In closing, I really want to hear from you all. I am always available at scott (at) audiomediaresearch.com. Let me know what's on your mind...good or bad...I'm here to listen and make things happen. We wouldn't be here without your all....

Take care,

Scott Mire
Audio Media Research

 Congrats Scott! A big step in a great direction. 

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@Scott Mire Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions and give us additional info about the company and who works there. Really good to know.

I have Revalver and was a user of it when AC had it before PV. I will make a pass to the new website and keep an eye out for what ya'll come up with.

Looking forward to the new stuff.

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@Scott Mire

Thanks for taking the time to come in and give some details on everything.

I am curious and interested to see where you guys take things.   Although I have moved on to other sims for most things, I do intend to keep Revalver for the time being and haven't written it off.  It's still my main rig for bass and clean guitars, but that's mainly only due to a lack of options elsewhere as well.

One thing that does concern me is that if you guys didn't get the resources you need from a fairly large, reputable, successful company like Peavey, how likely is it that you'll get (and continue to get) the resources you need as a smaller and unheard of company?  This is an especially relevant question considering how much more competitive the amp sim market is these days...you guys are fighting to take back market share from some very popular heavyweights in this space now (Positive Grid, Fortin, JST, etc...and even smaller companies like Audio Assault seem to be gaining steam).

Secondly, I've never jumped in the whole dongle debate because it never much mattered to me (I think people just like to complain to complain), but it's starting to become an issue from a pure management perspective.  I have no problem with anti-piracy measures, even physical ones.  But if you guys could make managing/changing dongles on our own a bit easier (as you just mentioned)....without having to email customer support and all that....that would be great.

Right now I have 3 USB ports.   I have a keyboard, a mouse, a regular USB dongle for Revalver, an iLok I later acquired for Slate plugins, a USB audio interface, an external hard drive, and I'm looking at the potential of having to get a proprietary Steinberg dongle as well...it's insane.  Lmao.  Now, I do have a USB hub that allows me to accommodate most of what I need, but even with USB select suspend settings off, my USB ports do sometimes get overloaded and temporarily shut down.  So I'll be looking for ways to downsize, and having an easy way of just resetting Revalver licensing and tying it to my iLok, for example, would be nice.

Furthermore, if you guys could maybe just team up with iLok/PACE and use the cloud licensing service, we could dump the need for a physical dongle altogether.

11 hours ago, Scott Mire said:

We also agree that we needed to focus on getting more bass content in ReValver. We are on it. 

Glad to hear you guys are keeping your ears open and acknowledging feedback!  That's one of the reasons a lot of us here stick with Cakewalk...the team here is much more interactive and in-tune, which isn't always the case with larger DAW/plugin companies.  If you or your team can maintain a presence here and continue this same line of communication, that'd be awesome.

I'd pay close attention to what JST has done with Bassforge Hellraiser.  Honestly, that was going to be my next amp sim purchase...it seems to be pretty popular and is one of the only really good specialty bass sims on the market right now (particularly for metal guys).

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