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Spitfire Audio free LABS / SA Player

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Been a enthusiastic user of the free LABS from Spitfire Audio. And have been able to use multiple instances live for recording etc. in the past But since the 2019/09 update. Loading the player takes a long time with intermittent crashes, excessive (100%) CPU, and wildly fluctuating RAM usage. Requiring me to only use one instance and freeze the track. Which solves the problem.

I suspect it is not an Cakewalk issue. As the recent BBCSO windows version has had many issues when reading other forums such as VI Control (this forum is a haven of civility compared to there!).

I really wanted to get the new Epic Strings (only £29). But again it's with their player and it seems there may be issues again.

Anyone one else use these and noticed the hike in CPU/RAM ? Any solutions? I'm going to hold off until things hopefully become more manageable.

Using a SCAN built music PC, Intel 3.07 GHz, 4 g ram, 3 disk raid system. Interestingly the player is lighter on my old Sonar Producer 8.5.



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