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Captain Plugins BF Sale


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They seem to have included a new(?) plugin Captain Beats so that they can charge the normal price ($79) for Captain Plugins but it now includes Captain Beats. I can't see a way to buy Captain Plugins without Captain Beats. 

Webpage --> https://mixedinkey.com/captain-plugins/

Store --> https://shop.mixedinkey.com/alternate?productId=1009 

What's your take on this Matthew? I know you had some reservations regarding the stability of these plugins. Thanks

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I got Captain Beats the other day (was included for me).  It's kind of underwhelming.  It didn't seem to have much in the music composition area (it doesn't auto-magically write new beats).  It does have a library of sounds and rhythms but it seemed more like they phoned it in to fill out their product line.  I only played with it for a short while though, but I certainly wouldn't recommend paying money/more money for it.   And yes looking at the email they sent me they have set things up so they don't have to offer a real Black Friday price.  I'm don't think the two aren't even separate product installers.  The idea that you can buy one without the other I think is pure marketing fiction.

I like Captain Plugins, as for pop/rock/EDM it's one of the best MIDI chord/progression helpers out there.  For anything else though (Soundtracks/orchestra) I'm not so sure how useful it is.  When I bought it I got it bundled with Odesi (which isn't all that useful but is fun to play with).  Both products have a online internet requirement, and when Mixed In Key goes out of business they will quit running. On the plus side the developers have been working to make early purchasers complete, even if their Windows stuff has rolled out very slowly.  They also haven't fixed the resizing problem with Cubase (works fine in Cakewalk, doesn't work at all in Cubase).  I have mixed feelings about them and the Captain Plugins.  I'm glad I have them, I use them, but I can easily see them going the same road a lot of these kinds of MIDI composition plugin companies have -- completely silent and then out of business.

To me it's worth $79, but I don't think $79 is a deal.  Scalar might be a better long term choice at this point, it's on sale and the dev team seems to be pretty decent.


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I think I will pass on this. I have been working through my BF Strategy and been quite successful so far...

  • RapidComposer (got a great KVR deal and it's updateable to v4 when that comes out) - this is DEEP!
  • Scaler (got it in Pluginboutique's sale)
  • Sundog stuff - their sale is on but it's not stellar reductions. Still I might go for it instead of Mixedinkey stuff.

Thanks again for the helpful feedback Matthew. 👍🏻

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