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Midi Automation curves and MFX on instruments track

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As i said here I think instruments track need an update to be more user friendly, because it is impossible to add directly a MFX plugin, and you can't insert midi bezier's automations like regulars midi tracks.

I'm on a symphonic composition with a lot of virtual instruments track and i cant' copy my MFX from a track to another because I have no direct access to them, but only in track inspector.

And for me, it's more easy to use bezier rather than drawing CC controlers in Piano Roll, and here again, no access to midi automations on instruments track.

I had discovered something else a long time ago and I do not know if it has been corrected since, it is that when you save your music in midi file, your midi automations are not taken into account.

I hope that the Bandlab team will want to take into consideration my update request in the next version of Cakewalk.

Best regards.

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