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Enhanced PRV for key-switches

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With Key switches / articulations becoming more prevalent in VSTi's, it would be great if the PRV could be enhanced to cope with these.
The sort of thing I was thinking about is:

You'd define your key switches in a similar way to a drum-map, giving them names etc.

  • The key switch area would appear between the velocity/controller view and the main PRV - like a split window (a bit like those code editors that have the split bar you can drag down to split the editor horizontally in two for the same file).
  • This key switch view would be "sticky" in that it would remain visible & vertically focused on the key switch range regardless of vertical scrolling of the rest of the PRV. It could be minimised/hidden if necessary. 

So what you'd get is a normal PRV at the top, immediately below it would be a drum style key switch area, then below that you'd get your normal velocity/controller view.
The velocity/controller area would behave as normal - i.e. it would treat both the PRV & the key switch area as if it was a normal single PRV view. 

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