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editable dokument for def. keybindings

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Hello CbB-Team,

I would very happy  if CbB could release an (text) editable  dokument about all default keybindings

and their allocation to the different areas. I counted  320 (bold marked commands) or so... 

To do it by myself might take me some days without the absence of copy&paste.

Shortcuts have a total different arrangement than keybindings.

In my CbB setup there are 100 keybindings defined by myself and I have a hard time to retain

control about my assignments inside the editor. Small edit-window, no copy&paste, no print...


Thx for reading...


Cheers from Berlin


January 2004 somebody asked for this:

RE: Default Key bindings. January 27, 04 4:54 AM (permalink)

the list is in sonar
options-key bindings
used by sonar BOLD
reserved RSVD


this means 2004 such a list existed once

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