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Exporting Project Audio Workflow Optimizations

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  • To have the ability to have a user defined project length.  This way when exporting, the user defined project length could be used as an option for exporting project audio.
  • I find having to select the tracks that I want included in my project audio export an unnecessary evil.  If I don't want certain tracks included in my exported audio I would simply mute, archive or delete the tracks.
  • This one may most likely be only me, but it appears that the export volume is linked to the "Hardware Volume" fader.  I'm curious as to why anyone would want the exported audio linked to this fader.  Shouldn't the volume of the mix be controlled by the Master Bus?  Especially during the mastering process where a lot of analysis plugins are inserted on the Master Bus to determine the overall volume output.  It defeats the purpose if the Hardware Volume fader has been altered.  I sometimes use the Hardware Volume fader as a quick way to lower the listening volume during mastering, instead of messing with my I/O knobs.  Yes I have forgotten to return the Hardware Volume fader to zero and had to re-export. 

I understand that many may like the current workflow and it could very well stay as is.  I'm suggesting adding to the current workflow, maybe in the form of radio buttons to toggle the options to export all tracks in the project and in the user defined project length.  These settings could then be saved as an export preset.

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