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Christian Jones

What sample rate are you recording at (and recommend)?

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10 minutes ago, Chris Jones said:

What does aliasing sound like? Is it phasey? How does one know if it's happening? 

If you've ever played a synth with distortion on the sound... and played in the higher registers, you've most likely heard aliasing.

It's a very digital/grainy/phasey type sound... that doesn't sound like part of the rest of the audio.

You can run a low-pass filter to reduce/eliminate aliasing, but that may impact the desired sound.

On a guitar cab, there's not a whole lot above ~7.5kHz, so it's easier to filter out than on something that has more high-frequency content (like a saw-tooth synth).

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48 minutes ago, azslow3 said:

But is such examples I think it is important to mention was it with unusual amplification or not. Was you playing already mastered track and at the very end could hear the difference in reverb, or was it just reverb sound and the signal was amplified +12 dB or more. Because with sufficient amplification it is possible to hear the difference of 24bit dithering on notebook speaker. I had to amplify more then 60dB + max all other volumes to achieve that, so it make no sense but  possible 🙃

Yes, the reverb decay was amplified to make it more obvious, but not by 60dB.  

At this point, I'm not often rendering to 16Bit audio.


Years ago, after hearing the nasty sounding 16Bit reverb decay, I compared different forms of dither (UV22HR, Waves IDR, Pow-R1, Pow-R2, and Pow-R3).

This was amplified to make the differences more obvious. 

Waves IDR was the quietest dither.

For whatever reason, Pow-R algorithms 2 and 3 (using noise-shaped dither) kind of "irritated" my ears.

Pow-R1 and UV-22HR produced to my ears the best sounding results.

I'd give a slight nod to Pow-R1

I try to use Pow-R1 any time I'm reducing bit-depth.

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