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Audio Routing to/from Vienna Ensemble Pro 7

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Hey all,

I need help in developing a signal routing plan for a Vienna Ensemble Pro Server.

Up until now, I've had no need to delve into Aux tracks, Patch Points and external routing in CbB.  Recently, I've moved my PCIe UAD-2 card to a separate  workstation, and have installed Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 in order to use it across the Ethernet network within the studio.  

So far, I've been able to confirm basic functions of getting signals from the CbB machine, across the Ethernet network to the VEP7 Server, through the desired effects and back into CbB.  The sticky part is that I'd like it to work like an External Insert. That would be most convenient for me, in that I can easily choose an bus-style effect like a Delay and  put it on a CbB bus, or chose an insert-style effect like a compressor and put it on a track. 

Since VEP works like a soft-synth, things aren't so straightforward; as the External Insert function in CbB only offers physical outputs in the list, so some creativity is needed. That's where the deep experience of this community can save me lots of pain.  I'm sure some of y'all out there have been using VEP6 or VEP7 for soft-synth hosting, and this requirement of mine isn't far off of that usage case.  

There are no concerns about CPU capacity or link speed (Solarflare SFN5122F 10GbE all around) but there are limitations on how complex the template for instantiating the individual UAD effects would be on the CbB side.  Bonus points to suggestions for getting the VEP7 server to run at 2x the CbB project sampling rate.

All guidance is very appreciated!

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