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Garritan Personal Orchestra - Stuttering

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Thanks very much both. I'll have a go at David's instructions tomorrow as I'm off to watch a jazz gig tonight

Variorum you could definitely class me as faint of heart! 🙂

Very much appreciate all the help!

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19 hours ago, David Baay said:

Glad to help. Garritan is somewhat unique in using Modulation to control volume. IIRC, they added support for CC11 at some point to be more compatible with GM conventions. CC2 (Breath) also does the same thing.

You might want to find out what characteristic of the sound is controlled by Modulation in Spitfire, and see if it's possible to emulate that with a different controller.

Here's a summary of controller implementation in Garritan:


EDIT: I should add, if the parameter controlled by Modulation in Spitfire has a counterpart in Garritan, you can copy the Mod controllers to the  appropriate controller number in the PRV, and then delete the Mod controllers.

There are other Samplers that do this.  It really depends on how the patches were designed.  I think even AIR Structure has patches that use MW to control volume.

Just have to make sure you read the manual or familiarize yourself with how the patches interact with MW/Vel/etc.

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