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Not A Deal - MASSIVE X update: Dynamic ADSR, new skins, and new presets

Sander Verstraten

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In the first of our upcoming major updates, MASSIVE X has had a massive makeover. New skins include dark and light modes, as well as flat modes that are easier on your processor. We’ve made the envelopes and Switcher LFO dynamic for everybody who asked, and once you’re done looking at the new changes, treat your ears to 60 new traditional instrument-inspired presets on top of the 100 we dropped back in August!

Update now via Native Access.

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Native Instruments updates Massive X to v1.1

Native Instruments has updated Massive X to 1.1, adding features that have been requested by users over at the Massive X Support section on their website.


  • Exciter, Amp and Mod Envelope displays reflect their actual state and respond to user input.
  • UI Themes (Default, Dark, Light, Flat Default, Flat Dark, Flat Light). The flat themes increase compatibility with older graphic cards.
  • New factory presets now have a separate section/type in Browser.
  • Rise/Fall parameter in both LFO Switcher and LFO Random Envelope displays the actual parameter state and responds to user input.
  • Grid labels to the Tracker.
  • Full manual available as a download


  • Preset name is now saved with host project.
  • Loading Massive X on systems with Intel integrated graphics (HD 3000, and other older cards) should not crash the host anymore.
  • Clicking Previous/Next Preset in Massive X UI, when there are no user presets saved, does not crash the host anymore.
  • AfterTouch (AT) and PitchBend (PB) labels and 1:1 assignments are now correctly saved and recalled with preset.
  • Initialising Uni/Bi in Tracker now resets both the offsets and the curve.
  • Unit FX display page changing when new Insert FX page is selected.
  • Basic/Custom menu state in Performer is now correctly saved and recalled with presets.
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49 minutes ago, Tony Carpenter said:

It's an exciting update. I do wish I could run it stand alone too.

Yes that's also one thing I wish they would add. Can't understand it as even the ancient previous version has a standalone option.
I tend to use Cantabile Lite to run things like this as it loads so quickly. I guess you could also use a VSTi wrapper although haven't tried it.

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