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Kushview Element v0.40.0 now open source (free!)

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Element v0.40.0
Posted on October 25, 2019 by mfisher

Element v0.40.0 is now available.  If you previously purchased Pro or SE, downloads are in your account area.  If you’re a Patron, downloads are available on the installers page.

Public Binary Release – Downloads for this version are also available on GitHub

Changes in this version

  • Preliminary support for Mac OS Catalina
  • Removed all unlocking functions
  • Changed to GPL license
  • Opened the Source Code on GitHub

Bug reporting and feature requests are now public (work in progress)

Posted in Releases https://kushview.net/article/category/releases/


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Open source is not the same as free. I think the developer still expects to be paid to support his work, although he is also running some kind of fundraising on Patreon--which may in fact be the way he is selling it.

The free as in free beer projects seem to be:

Free & Open Source

Along with Element LT, Kushview maintains a number of Open Source Projects...

Element LT

This is the free version of the Element audio plugin host by Kushview.

EDIT: Apparently a Patreon "subscription" is the only way it is selling now.

TheFAQ at https://kushview.net/element/download/form/  discusses the current "pricing."

"It’s unfortunate Element didn’t survive as commercial software, and the current state of it WOULD NOT have been possible without you.  Instead of letting the project come to a screeching halt due to lack of sales… we decided it best to open the source and make it a community project."

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