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Lost plugins after deleting Sonar

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I downloaded the new Sonar, but decided to delete it after trying it out. But it deleted all associated files...!


It took out some important Cakewalk files....and the Boost 11 plugin. I reinstalled Cakewalk but Boost 11 is still missing. I need it back.

Is there a safe download link? Most look very dodgy. Should it be in Cakewalk as a plugin with the download or can I add it.


Help! Thanks


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There’s no CbB in my Products Manager.  Just Next. 
If you never delete your Download folder all your CbB installers should still be there. 
Before I empty my download folder I always copy it to a backup drive and date it. 
If you want the TTS-1 you will need the CbB installer from last November. 
It will then ask you to update which is fine ( sort of) 

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