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Studio One 6.6.1 released (No Deal)

jesse g

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Studio One 6.6.1 is now available for download in MyPreSonus (or click “Check for Updates” in Studio One).
The complete release notes and version history can be found in your account.

Thanks and have a good time!

New Features and Improvements:

* Support for new PreSonus Quantum ES and HD Series
* Web-based MyPreSonus login
* Improved modifier behavior for moving effects from Console to Arrangement
* [Dolby Atmos] Support for reading, writing and rendering 5.1.4 trims
* [Linux] System requirements updated to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

The following issues have been fixed:

* [Chord Track] Selecting diminished triad chord not possible after minor triad
* [Chord Track] Diminished chord becomes minor chord when dragged to instrument track
* [macOS] Audio device commands not working
* [macOS] Akai MPC 2 software not instantiating
* [Scenes] Post fader inserts not saved with song
* [Project Page] Track height not restored when switching to other pages
* [Score Editor] Layout broken in measures with many rhythmic divisions
* [Show Page] First section of Setlist item not skipped reliably
* "Export Mixdown" with "Import to Track" engaged causes out-of-sync playback
* “Go to Next / Previous Section” commands always start playback
* "Lock Pan to Channel" setting on sends is not saved as default
* Loading “White Grand” Sound Set displays wrong error messages
* Misleading tooltip when hovering over Mute
* Missing analysis results for certain chords
* Object Panner crashes when certain 3rd party panners were used before
* Object Panner disappears when Console is closed and reopened
* Pan slider grayed-out on duplicated audio track
* Playback of long audio files broken with small buffer settings
* Potential crash when switching Spatial Audio mode from Surround to Dolby Atmos
* Resizing certain plug-ins GUI creates graphical glitches
* Some FX/Instrument thumbnails in Browser are tiny
* Splitter routing lost when switching Track from mono to stereo
* [Linux] Freezes and crashes when switching from JACK to ALSA with Pipewire enabled
* [Linux] Some dialogs have the wrong size


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