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12 hours ago, Hidden Symmetry said:

I've been tracking & mixing in real-time & not having any problems with the CPU on my normal (large) projects. ( Cubase, CbB, S1 mastering) It's very stable here plus it sounds great, better than IK's.

Although you could use it on tracks it's a mastering eq. How many instances would you need? I use one instance  on the 2 bus for mixing  or 1 instance in S1 for mastering.

Even on my 3 year old i7 5820k AA plugins are running really well & they get better with each Core release.

Im not talking this inparticular , and ype since core 13 it s wayyyy better ...  but far for smooth user experience here , you have to really know what to picks , when. And where to use it and even like that , i have soletime strange behavior that doesn t seems to bother being fixed ... no time for that ... i alwayz have a better alternative , period !! 


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