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Wishlist : improvement of the midi bézier curves.

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I much prefer to use the bézier curves  for midi controllers rather than drawn it in classic way.
Because it's easier to have a fluid shape compared to drawing by hand with a mouse.
Besides it's a bit confusing and I do not understand why there are still the two methods in Sonar (...oops Cakewalk 😁), knowing that for those who prefer hand drawing it is always possible to do so with the bézier.

The problem with the midi béziers in Cakewalk is that they don't seem to act as precisely as in classic mode, it's hard to play in real time.
There is a latency who often, when I play my music from the middle some controllers do not follow, it's realy frustrating and I have to go back a little bit to take them into account and play it properly.
When I make a rendering of the sound in mp3, there also sometimes some controllers who play badly, and I have to make an advanced conversion by unchecking the quick conversion to make it work.
If I want to convert my music to .mid, then the controllers are simply not applied.

In short there are a lot of problems with the midi beziers, and it would be cool if the developers could take a look at it.
Thank you in advance.

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