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Synchronous selection of channels (tracks): Numbers & Name. Auto Focus.


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Synchronous selection of channels (tracks): Numbers & Name. Auto Focus.

1. I have Instrument track (VSTi)
2. I have other track (AUDIO).
3. I select Audio track.
4. I have midi clip in Arrange.
5. I select this midi clip.
6. Press midi-keyboard.
- Don`t have sound... I`m sad... :(
I need manual click by track name!
7. Press midi-keyboard - have sound I am happy. Now I can play & record. :)

This is like in Piano Roll - Multitrack edit - Auto Focus. ;)

This otions you can add to Option Menu. 😉
> " Auto Focus"or "Synchronous selection of channels (tracks)" or "The full selection of track" or "Select MIDI for the selected track"... ;)




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