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Mackie Control - Automatic switching (rewind) to the selected track (channel).


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Mackie Control - Automatic switching (rewind) to the selected track (channel).

I have iCON Platform M+ and Cakewalk (Roland) VS-100. In CbB we have some options for Mackie Control but will be great to have more...

Add some options to Controller/Surface Properties
1. Automatic switching (rewind) to the selected track (channel). If I select Clip or Select Track Number.
- Now I need to open menu and select "Move Mackie Control - 1 here".
2. Show Volume/Pan 
- Now I see only Pan parametr
3. Full Name Track/Short name
- Now I see "Short name" - PdFlcn. Full name - Pad - Falcon. If I select "Full Name: I will see "Pad - Fa" (8 symbols).
4. Group selection of tracks. If I select 2 or more track Mackie Control select this track too... not olny one. If I select folder - All tracks in the folder will be selected in Mackie Control.
- Now olny one channel selected.

Special for iCON Platfrom M+ https://iconproaudio.com/product/platform-m-plus/

In iCON Platform M+ not working:
1. Loop Button (will be great to have Loop ON/OFF)
2. Mixer (will be grat to have Console View).
3. Read/Write buttons
4. Emulation Mackie Control buttons "Shift" > PC keyboard Shift, Alt > Alt, Control > Ctrl, Options > Win or Ctrl+Shift, 




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