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Cakewalk records ALL midi and audio sounds in the project when I hit record after I began using a digital keyboard


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Hi everyone 


I've always used cakewalk with no issues using just recording my voice/guitar through microphone and even physically writing the midi sounds (strings/keyboard/drum) on the software. I recently got a new keyboard Yamaha PSR E373 and intended to use that through Audio (not midi) to record my music. I've installed its USB driver for use with Windows laptop: https://au.yamaha.com/en/support/updates/yamaha_steinberg_usb_driver_for_win.html and tried to connect the keyboard to cakewalk as seen in the video below. But when I hit record to record the keyboard, it ends up recording EVEYRTHING already in the file including the metronome. In this video I showed an empty project, but with a full project with different audio files and midi sounds it would record everything on there. Please help!! I couldn't find a forum post that has solved this problem 🥲 Thank you.

2024-04-28 14-52-58.mkv

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I'm going to make some assumptions here, so correct me if I get it wrong.

1. You want to record the PSR's audio via its own USB audio output.

2. You also wish to be able to play to a metronome beat while you're recording.

3. You don't want the metronome to be audible in your recordings.

In order to help, I need to ask a questions.

Do you have speakers (or headphones) connected to your computer's audio output jack or are you listening to the metronome and your playing through the speakers in the PSR?

It looks like the reason you are recording the metronome along with the music is that you have Cakewalk set to use the keyboard's audio to play the metronome as well as recording the keyboard's audio, so of course the metronome will be recorded along with the music. It's coming from the same device.

In order to be able to record the audio from your keyboard and listen to the metronome without also recording the metronome, you will need to have speakers connected to your computer's output and use those speakers to hear the metronome. I'll assume that you already have this set up if you've been using Cakewalk to record guitar.

Generally speaking, you'll get better results using WASAPI Driver Mode than MME. MME is very old technology, it's been replaced twice. WASAPI is current technology.

Once you set things to use WASAPI, set the track's input to be the stereo output from your keyboard's USB. You currently have it set to record only the  left channel, it will sound much better if you record the stereo output.

Then route the metronome bus' output to the speakers connected to your computer. For monitoring the keyboard's output you may use either the keyboard's audio (through its speakers) or the speakers connected to your computer (Realtek, if you don't have an external interface).

Going forward, you may wish to look into getting an external 2-input audio interface with ASIO support for recording and playing back audio. They may be had brand new for as little as $75, and even less money if purchased used.

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