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Desktop Shortcut for Cakewalk (or any Cakewalk Product) Fails to launch program? Any Ideas/Fixes?

Martin Bannet


This is a WEIRD one! Hi folks! 

For NO APPARENT REASON, the shortcut to Cakewalk (or any Cakewalk product, like my old SONAR Platinum) on my system doesn't call up the program anymore!

But this is ONLY happening to the shortcuts that are located on the desktop?! I can call up the program ANY OTHER way, just not from the shortcut icon on the desktop. 

When I navigate via Explorer to the Desktop shortcut, no problem. When I create a shortcut on the C-Drive's Desktop Folder (located in C/USER/NAME/DESKTOP it will launch from that folder, just not my E-Drive's Desktop, where my real active shortcuts are all based, as I MOVED the Desktop to the other (E) Drive.

I had a similar problem a while back with my DESKTOP not being accessible through Quick Access and did a relocate of my Desktop from one drive to another. That worked, but I barely remember the details of that operation. 

If anyone has suggestions based on their experience, that would be great!




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