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New librarty from Eduardo Tarilonte - "Quetzal, Ancient Sounds of Mesoamerica"


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From Eduardo Tarilonte:

"I am beyond excited to introduce to you “Quetzal, Ancient Sounds of Mesoamerica” along with the brand new Engine player.

This unique sound world brings to life the mystical era of Mesoamerican civilizations and allows you to experience the sounds of a forgotten time up close. Discover a majestic collection of clay flutes, original reproductions of the instruments of the past, and be inspired by ancient drums and over 80 soundscapes.

Quetzal offers over 7,000 individual samples and more than 50 playable instruments. With elaborate multisamples and various articulations, Quetzal provides a versatile and authentic sound palette for any production.

Experience the magic of Quetzal as it becomes your gateway to a realm of ancient wonders and timeless mysteries.

I really hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring for your music. Thanks as always for your support."


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4 hours ago, Robert Engstrand said:

Maybe off topic, but is the new Engine Audio player a replacement/update for Best Service's "Engine" player, and will it work with previous Eduardo products, such as Ancient ERA Persia etc? 

It's a replacement (I got the impression it's a complete rewrite, but could be wrong on that). Existing libraries will have to be re-encoded for the new player. As I understand, all libraries will eventually move to Engine. Some have already been ported over, others will be available when they're ready (I've got some of their accordion libraries, and was recently issued a new Engine key for them).

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