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Eagerly looking to use Cakewalk's native Modfilter effect 👍 on another DAW...

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I did one or two bits songs that i really like with the native Modfilter effect but I also really want to migrate to Ableton's user interface, even though Cakewalk will alway be in my heart;).

I started to look a way to use it externally but it only made me understand I could use some advice :) I'm looking to: 

. find it and buy it

. find a good .vst very similar to Cakewalk's Modfilter (from the DX effects) or even better of course

. find an AI capable to recreate it with the help of a screenshot of the effect (here attached btw)

. find a way to extract from Cakewlak's files said and cherrished Modfilter

THANKS for your help, even so little it might be... and have a good day

Capture d'écran 2024-03-28 102316.png

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21 hours ago, ddpppbd said:

. find a good .vst very similar to Cakewalk's Modfilter (from the DX effects) or even better of course

Mod Filter is a DXi effect, so in order to use it in another host, the host must be able to use DXi effects.

AFAIK, the only host other than Cakewalk that still supports them is REAPER. Live does not.

Depending on what you're doing with it, there are several freeware motion filters. Check the Favorite Freeware FX topic in this forum.

My favorite is Audiomodern's Filterstep.

FKFX Influx is another one that can get some really crazy sounds.

The MeldaProduction FreeFX Bundle contains more modulation plug-ins than I can remember at the moment, MComb is my favorite of the filter plug-ins. Moreover, the bundle is something I think nobody should be without. You'll see once you install it. Several of the plug-ins are IMO, best in class, despite being free. MCompressor will teach you more about how to set up a compressor. Although fully-functional as-is, the bundle can be upgraded for a fee. If you wait a few months for one of their 50% off everything sales and combine that discount with the $10 credit you get for signing up for their newsletter, you can get the upgrade for about $11. There are 37 plug-ins total in this bundle.

Kilohearts Essentials is another free bundle that nobody should be without. Contains multiple modulation and filter plug-ins in addition to bread-and-butter FX and utilities. Over 30 great FX.

About the bundles, although I own licenses for over 400 effect plug-ins, if I sat down at any DAW and wished to produce and/or mix any genre of music, give me those two bundles and I would not feel constrained. Crazy breakdown FX for EDM? Check. Great-sounding and easy-to-use dynamics and EQ? Check. Deep features and modulation options? Check.

So there ya go, ask a question, get 75 new plug-ins for free.

Also, doesn't Ableton Live come with some crazy modulation filters of its own?

Lastly, you need not say goodbye to Cakewalk. It can still be useful even if it's no longer your primary DAW. More than one user on this forum (including industry legend Craig Anderton) likes to compose electronic or loop-based music in Live, then export the tracks to Cakewalk for final mixdown. Not an uncommon workflow. In comparison with Cakewalk's Console, you may find Ableton's mixer....less capable.

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I expect you're not looking to spend money, but since you're discovering the possibilities of modulated filters we should at least mention the GOAT: FabFilter Volcano 3. This one takes the concept about as far as one can imagine. And it's compatible with any DAW.


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  • 1 month later...

Well thank you very much to you both also, sorry for my delayed responses and sorry for being too eager too quickly haha (in reference to the title of my inquiry) i was too optimistic about the timeline of my work schedule as one is often ;]

I will someday give a little update to what i chose and what i learned... Paying for these effects is not out of the question actually.


Nobody asked but when in a couple years i hope the album is out i will credit you if you dont hate the album, effects used or not. It's not much and doesn't mean much (but it does for me at least) still it's a principle i suppose and I like the idea anyway. And who knows I might make some money with it and give some of it as a symbolic gesture so we could all have a drinks in the distance with the same money ;] 

Anyway enough talking, but I love forums haha (yeah i'm new to that)

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