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Freyja Grimaude-Valens

Linux port

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6 minutes ago, LadyFuzztail said:

That is actually not a bad idea, considering that Mac OS is based on FreeBSD as well

Mac OS is actually a certified Unix OS as of 10.2. So Linux/Unix/BSD do have a lot in common under the hood.   The different audio subsystems for each are probably the biggest consideration for any audio development.

I have been a Linux user (for non-audio applications) for many years, and I get why some folks want to go there with their audio production. But that is an even smaller market than the Mac OS offers.

I really don't think BandLab is going to re-write the Cakewalk code base for cross platform use any time soon. I think most current Cakewalk users would rather BandLab just make CbB the best possible DAW on Windows, and forget making crossovers.

My earlier comment was really tongue in cheek, as I wouldn't be holding my breath for this one. There are DAWs that already run on Linux, but I cannot vouch for them as I have not tried them yet.  https://www.slant.co/topics/6067/~daws-for-linux

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