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Feature Request, External Insert names


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In Cakewalk now, we have External Inserts that we can drop into the FX bins on tracks and busses, but in every case, all we see is "External Insert."

What we NEED to see is the preset name we are using for that External Insert, so that we aren't continually clicking on, maximizing, then minimizing each External Insert till we find the one we want to work with.

If not the preset name, then a user assignable name that replaces "External Insert" in the FX bin.

It's never about hunting for an effect, it's about quickly and intuitively FINDING the effect and ...well... effecting it.

No obstacles to creativity!


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It's now been implemented in the latest version of Sonar - i.e. you can now edit the External Insert description from within the plugin dialog, and it'll update the name in the FX bin when you close the dialog.

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