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jono grant

Cakewalk sync with mp4 and QuickTime videos

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I feel the need to check in from time to time about this issue.

Cakewalk for quite some time now, has an issue where it pads the beginning of any cakewalk file that has an mp4 or certain quicklime video loaded into the session time-line or perhaps the video itself contains the padding. The result is that everything looks and sounds fine in cakewalk when you are scoring to picture but after you export your music score, it is not in sync with the same video in other audio or video programs. When the MP4 or QT video gets inserted into a project, Cakewalk has about a frame of padding (or space) at the top of the file. That padding or space goes completely unnoticed until you export something as a broadcast wave or regular wave. You bring that audio into another program like Pro Tools or a video program like Sony Vegas, and that audio will play close to a frame late when brought into the new program's time line. (one of my original posts about it below.

After many forum threads, the last I was told about it was that it has something to do the newer Windows Audio Architecture and that Cakewalk couldn't really do anything about it.

Considering my other programs like Pro Tools or Sony Vegas don't have this issue in Windows would that be because they don't use the Windows Audio Architecture? (Hope I'm using the right term!)

I wish Cakewalk would consider finding away around this or create a work-around for when you're working with MP4 or Quick Time files in Cakewalk. Like some sort of offset mode or similar. Or perhaps Cakewalk could try to work out the issue with Windows developers? Not sure what to suggest but I do know it's a really big flaw in Cakewalk for those wanting to use it for scoring or sound-designing to picture.


This is one of the other older posts:

Anyhow, If anyone has any insight or ideas I'd be thrilled to hear about them...

Thanks! Jono

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