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Lee Shapiro

Updates numbering system (add date of release?)

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It's October 11, 2019.  There have been a couple of hot fixes in the last couple of days.     Build  and Build hotfixes.
It would help in the release notes to put the date of release next to the build number.   I know that sometimes there is a date, but on the latest release notes it just lists the build number. 
It would be especially helpful when hotfixes are released a day or two apart to know the date of each one.  I don't often look at the build number on my installed software, and when I get messages two days in a row about hotfixes, I'm not sure if it's a mistaken message or there is another one released the following day.

Also, when there is an update, In the Bandlab Assistant, there's a dropdown next to the update button, with one option that says "Learn" about the latest update. (or something like that)
That link just takes me to the main page.  It would be helpful if that link took us directly to the associated Release Notes page.

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