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Video in maximized window. Modification required...


I use Cakewalk in live situations, sending synchronized video clips to a projector. The fact is taht since long time ago, the video features in the Cakewalk software are not being improved (That´s reasonable, because i can understand that his is not the core interest and focus of the product), but at least what it´s expected is reliability in the existent features. And to use the video live, you need one of two possibilities: 
1-being able to use the full screen option (which even in the very last upgrade 2019.09.70  freeze the cakewalk application completely if you close the project with the video in full screen in the second monitor or projector), or...
 2- being able to use the window maximized on the second screen (I can hide the tittle bar with an AutoHotKey script, that´s no problem!) . But...in this case, what happens is that there is a white border on the window (even maximized) which is impossible to eliminate, not even from the windows configuration, because it seems to be part of the cakewalk internal design for that window. (see screen capture in the attachment)
So...the improvement request:
Could it be possible for you developers, to eliminate that white thiny line in the video window?? and have a look about the freezing problem  for the full screen option??
Both actions will be really appreciated, because I really need to use the video in live situations.
I am a Cakewalk user since the ´93, and really love the fantastic creative companion  that it is!! That´s why i dare to ask for this.

Waiting for your kind reply...
Regards from Argentina!

white line borders in video window.png

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