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Simeon Amburgey

Using ACT to control T-RackS Leslie Collection

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I had someone reach out to me about being able to control the T-RackS Leslie Speaker VST plugin effect using their MIDI controller. I was able to put a short video together demonstrating how to use ACT (Active Controller Technology) to do this.

ACT basically lets you control automation parameters through MIDI which opens up a lot of possibilities.
What you run into when trying to control a plugin EFFECT is that MIDI is not necessarily available to be passed through to them so ACT is a great help to do this. One of the caveats is that the plugin you wish to control must be in focus. Another point is to record the changes you are doing through the MIDI controller you need to record the changes as AUTOMATION.

I hope this is helpful as you can take this principle and carry it through to other effects and plugins.


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