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BFD3 as plug in for Sonar

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Hi friends,

somehow I'm stuck with using BFD3 drums with multiple outputs in Sonar for  processing each part of the instrument with   balanced loudness.

However, all instruments of the set are sounding very low, at the same time the level shown in the meters is extremely too  loud to process.

So I don't know what am I overlooking in the instrument setup. 

Please give me some information  how to get out of this. Thankx.

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Have you tried some of the mixer presets?  I have mine set up to output as a single stereo channel and mix the drums inside of BFD3.  Toggle through the presets and see which one works best for you.  Try enabling the loudness option for any kit pieces that are unruly and dial in the dynamics to your taste.

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Coming in again for the same topic.

Using BFD3 as VSTi in Cakewalk Sonar, I wish to process the drum tracks not as a full mix output for cakewalk, but I wish to process each BFD3 output "solo".

So I have kick, snare, and hihat as mono channels in BFD3, Toms, cymbals and percussion as stereo channels. I get 6 outputs.

In Sonar, I have correspondingly 6 instrument tracks "Perc.", Cymb.", "Toms", "Hihat", Snare", and "Kick".

My trouble now is it seems I mixed something completely up: I can solo each channel and hear it clearly, but at a quite low level. However, when I solo "Kick", I have them all, and some sound heavily distorted, overdriven, and all the EQ settings which are ideal for the kick make things bad for the rest. And, I cannot use sidechain compression for kick ==> bass. In the complete mix, I actually do not hera very much of the drumset.

I turned off "bleed" in each and every single piece of my BFD3-kit.

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It's not clear to me if you're asking about solo kit piece volume or relative to other BFD channels.

Apologies if this is all obvious, but you have a few knobs to work with to make kit pieces routed to a CxB channel louder,

1. The kit piece trim knob in Tech Panel > General.

2. The articulations in Model panel > Articulations.

3. The overal output gain for BFD in the upper right hand corner of the UI. Default is 0db, but good for an additional +6 dB. 

Kits in BFD often include ambient mic channels and typically buss them all thru the AmbMix channel. Some of these channels include processing  (compression, distortion, etc). You can adjust both the Mix and Trim for each ambient mic in the Tech panel and the indovidual mic channels that feed the AmbMix channel. If you mute that channel in addition to the bleed mics for each kit piece, you should only hear the solo kit pieces in CxB.

It might be worth double-checking to see if somehow your kick and ambient channels have been routed to the same output from BFD to CxB.



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Thankx, Jackson White, for your reply.

I will check soonest.

Since I needed to finish the track in progress, I did a rather awful thing: I muted the Kick[BFD3 out]channel and inserted "Session Drummer", only for the kick. It worked well after some tweaks. But, since I do not wish to repeat that procedure, I shall check to have a more elegant and professional solution.

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