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Being with you - appllied to a contest (Korean Pop with traditional instruments)

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Hi, Cakewalkers. 

I applied to a contest of TV Drama OST in Korean Broadcasting Station(KBS).
Preparing time was very short because It was very late time that I saw this contest. 
So, I have to finish from make a theme to recording in a week.

It was very hard and I wanted almost be give up... but my girl friend cheered me up.


12 / 8, C major. 
You can find some Korean traditional instruments (Gayagum, Dansho, Sogum).



I will be playing automatic, please check your volume first. 
And... If you like this song, Please vote me in the webpage :)

You can sign up your facebook or google account.


There are 'Four type' Emotions you can choose under the webpage. 
If I read your commnet, It would be fantastic. 







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