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Reid Rosefelt

LABS Moon Guitar

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23 minutes ago, cclarry said:

Wrong link

Larry, you are Screamin' FAST!

As soon as I put it up, I checked the link, saw it was wrong and immediately changed it. Bang!  It was literally "click, wrong link, change."   I was in a BIG HURRY because my link was very stupid.  I typed as fast as I ever have in my life.  While I was doing that, you posted that it was the wrong link and then posted the right one.     🙂

Larry has fingers that type faster than the speed of light.  There can be no doubt about that.

I always knew you were the king, but now I have even more admiration. 

Larry is the Jordan Rudess of the VI bargain hunters.   Hail to the king!


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You have to be REAL FAST around here, and accurate too :)


I am looking forward to having a play with my new Moon Guitar :D


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Very cool.  Was worried it was goign to be another ambient guitar texture thing (which I have plenty of tools for myself).  This I can get some use out of!

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Accurate too ? Man, we’re just simple folk. 

Edith: there can be only one. 

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Made a list of available LABS. 

These are the ones available now, all free:
- 9/19 LABS Moon Guitar
- 8/19 LABS London Atmos 
- 7/19 LABS Hand Bells
- 6/19 LABS Pedal Pads
- 5/19 LABS Music Box
- 4/19 LABS Dulcimer
- 3/19 LABS Scary Strings
- 2/19 LABS Modular Piano
- 1/19 LABS Peel Guitar
- 12/18 LABS Frozen Strings
- 11/18 LABS Synth Pads
- 11/18 LABS Choir
- 9/18 LABS Charango
- 8/18 LABS Electric Piano
- 8/18 LABS Amplified Cello Quartet
- 6/18 LABS Drums
- 5/18 LABS Soft Piano en Strings

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7 hours ago, Fleer said:

These are the ones available now, all free

I have the full set, of course, but I have yet to make use of all of them.

I tend not to bother with Synth Pads because, well, it is synth pads, and I have so many VST's and hardware stuff that does a generally better job, in my opinion.

I have mainly used Peel Guitar, Frozen Strings and Choir. The Choir is great for vocal sounding drone stuff...

The drums are a bit limited but can still sound good, and for free, one cannot complain.


One thing that I am not liking about some of the LABS instruments is how they play in the stereo field. I mean, I can understand a piano panning from left to right while going up and down the keyboard, although I don't even like that. But why would a cello do the same? I end up having to put Ozone Imager after the LABS instance in order to "flatten" it.

That said, still a great collection of sounds and one of my latest pieces uses five instances of London Atmos, two Choir, one Scary Strings, one Amplified Cello and one Frozen Strings. Plus the usual effects, of course. Definitely more fun to had with LABS, and they are still adding instruments :)

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