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Recording while PDC Override is enabled

Panu Pentikäinen

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PDC (Plugin Delay Compensation) override is helpful when playing soft synths as it reduces latency of the played sound to minimum possible. However, if you record MIDI with PDC override enabled, Cakewalk places the recorded events in incorrect position; events (notes) are ahead more or less, depending on the plugin delay which may be anything from 1 to 200 milliseconds. After recording the take you have to move new take manually to the correct position because Cakewalk does not do that automatically.

How you do deal with this? Do you use PDC override? Do you move clips manually by ear,  do you use quantize  or do you just leave recorded take where it is?

Or do you bounce project and record time critical keyboards with minimal amount of time consuming plugins and PDC Override disabled?

Btw, Plugin Delay Compensation is OFF when the PDC button in the Control Bar is on. It's a little confusing but I'm talking about the scenario where that PDC button is ON.

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