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Softube British Class A for $42


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2 hours ago, Scott H said:

Looks interesting! I’ve already got the PA Lindell 80 Neve channel strip which is great. Maybe I’m all set, but then again, this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen the Softube version….

It seems a bundle of various versions what seems good.

Four versions included: British Class A plug-in, British Class A for Console 1, British Class A for Amp Room, and British Class A for Modular

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A question about having it available in modular - Any idea on what is the actual advantage of the added flexibility, compared to using the plugin chain in your DAW and just adding a channel strip at the output of a virtual synth?

Do any of you know of good uses for compression, eq./filtering and drive(saturation) at points other than at the end of the sound generation chain? (e.g., the idea of using the saturator in between an LFO and whatever it is modulating, that sounds like it could be interesting but, does it really make a noticeable difference in the resulting sound, that would be difficult to do otherwise?)

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