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Reaper updated to 7.06


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REAPER 7.06 is available, with the following updates:
  + Accessibility: add control descriptions for video encoder configuration
  + Accessibility: add descriptions for various search-related fields
  + Accessibility: add option in Preferences/Plug-ins to include descriptions of parallel/bypass/offline state in FX names
  + Accessibility: improve Media Explorer accessibility descriptions
  + ARA: improve handling of unlooped media with negative start-in-source offset [t=285131]
  + Automation items: fix glue/delete preserve points for some cases with very small AIs
  + Automation items: fix incorrect values when gluing AIs with small overlaps
  + Automation items: improve sizing of label area [t=284771]
  + Automation items: add per-FX-envelope option to control how overlapping AIs are combined
  + Automation items: fix envelope context menu when right-clicking near overlapping AIs [p=2737483]
  + Auto save: do not process auto-save during mouse edits
  + Comp areas: do not switch source lane when right-clicking to open context menu
  + Comping: fix comping looped source media
  + Comping: improve behavior when inserting empty space or copying regions [p=2734194]
  + Comping: ensure comp areas are synced on every undo point and project save
  + Comping: support resetting comp area to a different source lane when right-clicking on media item re-sync button
  + Comping: when media is selected on both the source lane and comping lane, do not move comp area when slip-editing [p=2733376]
  + CPU metering: add option to view use as percentage of core (e.g. 4.0%c)
  + CPU metering: make readouts more consistent, use dynamic precision depending on values
  + Dynamic split: add modes to add stretch markers to items rather than replace
  + FX: improve take FX position reporting to plug-ins (including ARA) when using PDC [p=2734271]
  + FX: fix automation quirks with non-1.0 project playrate on plug-ins following PDC (v7 regression)
  + FX: fix quirks moving/copying single FX when single-FX chain mode is enabled [t=277429]
  + FX: improve drag/drop FX chain selection behavior when chain is not visible [t=284973]
  + FX: improve wording/checked-state indicators for bypass/offline menu items
  + FX: show indicator for first FX in parallel group
  + FX containers: always report tweaked plug-in context for last-tweaked parameter even when parameter is mapped [p=2733387]
  + FX containers: auto-expand container on mouseover drag in chain
  + FX containers: fix bypass automation of items in containers
  + FX containers: fix wet and delta solo automation for containers within containers
  + FX containers: fix undo-related issues with automation
  + FX containers: fix issues with bypass/wet/delta envelopes when adding additional parameters
  + FX containers: improve display in TCP/MCP FX context menu [t=284678]
  + FX containers: improve JSFX default sizing [t=285309]
  + IDEs: do not go to edit cursor when saving [t=285086]
  + JSFX: ensure JSFX name cache is generated if needed on startup [t=285490]
  + JSFX: fix stereo pair autodetection for auto-routing build [t=285144]
  + Keyboard: improve Windows/macOS cross-import keyboard support for US keyboards [t=284753]
  + Lanes: action to reset lane names will reset lanes named like 'C1' if they have no comp areas
  + Lanes: fix crash when trying to insert more than 128 lanes
  + Lanes: fix drag/drop with certain lane counts [p=2733354]
  + Lanes: fix editing vertical edge of razor edit on fixed lane tracks
  + Lanes: fix moving comp areas to lower-numbered lanes via razor edit [p=2733413]
  + Lanes: fix play cursor drawing glitch in certain situations [p=2734248]
  + Lanes: fix possible mouse click miss when track is greatly zoomed in [p=2735023]
  + Lanes: fix undo after changing comping lane [p=2734645]
  + Lanes: fix undo potentially resetting overlapping recording preference [p=2737625]
  + Lanes: fix resetting lane height when moving items across tracks in certain situations [p=2736745]
  + Lanes: if recording exceeds maximum number of lanes (currently 128), place recording in last lane
  + Lanes: ignore items in hidden lanes in various navigation and other actions [p=2733398]
  + Lanes: improve action to move items up to minimize lane usage
  + Lanes: improve behavior when auto-punch recording and setting enabled to record into first available lane [p=2731993]
  + Lanes: improve shift+click media item selection behavior [p=2733811]
  + Lanes: improve visibility of unsynced media item button in default theme
  + Lanes: recalculate auto-crossfades after actions to move items up/down by lanes
  + Lanes: when preference enabled to vertically offset overlapping items, items respect original lane order if track formerly displayed fixed lanes
  + Linux: use case-insensitive searching when finding JSFX by filename [t=285490]
  + Localization: support Container and Video processor names in FX browser
  + Media explorer: allow inserting into active sample player when RS5k is in a container
  + Media explorer: fix setting option to normalize preview volume to -12LU from action window [t=285395]
  + Media explorer: obey preference to not move edit cursor when inserting media
  + Metadata: Double-clicking 'description' field opens multi-line editor by default (note that right-click on any value field also opens multi-line editor)
  + MIDI editor: add actions to open/switch to MIDI toolbars 9-16 [t=285543]
  + MIDI editor: fix step sequencer for VKB input and MIDI inputs with high IDs [rr=17y0f7z]
  + Mouse modifiers: fix assigning 'add items to selection' to media item left-click [t=285480]
  + Preferences: always open mouse modifier preferences to the most recently viewed context
  + Project: preserve settings when loading projects saved before v7.0 with 'New recording that overlaps existing media items / Creates new media items' enabled [t=285116]
  + Project bay: fix extra display tag info on video processors
  + ReaComp: improve peak metering accuracy [t=223980]
  + ReaScript: add focused, last_touched, chain_sel, parent_container, container_item.X, container_map.add.fxid.parmid, container_map.get.fxid.parmid attributes for Track/TakeFX_GetNamedConfigParm
  + ReaScript: fix backwards compatibility in group membership flags [t=277048]
  + ReaScript: GetFXEnvelope automatically updates UI in response to creation
  + ReaScript: GetFXEnvelope will no longer return envelope contexts for FX parameters that have modulation but no envelope [t=284945]
  + ReaScript: GetFXEnvelope/TakeFX_GetEnvelope auto-map parameters to parent container if necessary [t=284400]
  + ReaScript: GetTouchedOrFocusedFX returns obviously-invalid values when returning failure [p=2733147]
  + ReaScript: improve behavior of deprecated GetLastTouchedFX() when FX in container was last touched and parameter was mapped
  + ReaScript: improve FX-type prefix matching of TrackFX_AddByName et al [t=285430]
  + ReaScript: TrackFX_CopyFXToTrack/etc select moved/copied FX in chain when chain is not visible [t=284973]
  + ReaScript: update envcp when toggling parameter modulation via API [p=2733149]
  + ReaXcomp: fix potential deadlock when adding band [t=285407]
  + Recording: actions to mark last recording pass as favorite or for deletion will mark the current recording if there is no previous recording pass
  + Recording: action to mark last take as favorite or for deletion affects only currently-recording looped items, not previously recorded items
  + Recording: improve consistency of action to add take marker to currently-recording media item [t=284953]
  + Recording: improve handling of user deleting or reordering tracks while recording [t=284363]
  + Recording: improve reliability of action to quick-add take marker while recording in MIDI overdub mode
  + Regions: recalculate region display overlap after undo [t=276254]
  + Text filtering: support Unicode combining accent when matching strings [t=284752]
  + Track panels: improve FX parameter multi-row size calculation
  + Track panels: improve retina/hidpi drawing of lane controls for non-hidpi-aware themes [p=2732013]
  + Track panels: fix display glitch when reactivating project tab and TCP is narrow [p=2734249]
  + Video: add action to toggle fullscreen
  + Video: allow dshow_depr to be enabled explicitly for extensions other than wmv/wma/avi/asf [t=269473]
  + Video: ignore m4a files when using option to use video from background projects
  + VST: add preference to disable out-of-process plug-in scanning (for developer use when debugging plug-ins, not recommended for end users)


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7 hours ago, El Diablo said:

Wow... Reaper is on Fast tracking for updates?  It wasn't but two weeks ago I was looking at the 7.03 update.

I am not surprised by the number of updates after the release of a new major version. Reaper has a large, active user community that provides useful feedback. The devs get props for responding so quickly to (not unexpected) issues and fixing them. There are almost daily "current version + current date development version" updates posted. I don't install any of those, since they tend to include functionality that is still under development and won't be included in the next minor release. Then there tends to be one or two "current version + 0.01 rc1/rc2" releases that have the development stuff stripped out. I don't install those either. I wait for the next dot release and install that.

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