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Arturia best time to upgrade ?


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Just now, GoncaloL said:

Thats the beauty of this kind of upgrade path.. when you skip some versions and upgrade at last is the greatest deal ever

to be honest , i m hesitating because pretty the majority of new stuff are new version :

prophet , jupiter8, cs 80 ... great sound , but old version were good enougth and lighter on cpu ...

also notice like a lot around i have uhe ´s , roland , and gforce ... so the oberheim’is covered ect ...

They did include some new exiting stuff like the ensoniq , but i;swear each time intry and make a patche ( the interface isnmooth) the cpu hit is crazy ( i like release lol) 


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3 hours ago, Zo said:

Yep , kept v5 for that 

A ot(er question , if iugrade to v9 , can i re sale v7 ? This will solve the issue and a happy new owner ata stupid price ...

Yeah, kept v5 for that too. 
Now I do like the Augmented Series and that Ensoniq. 

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