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BFD3 for $49


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Can be cheaper at Thomann. Check your price:


At Plugin Boutique you can it along with a FREE copy of Drum Synth, MELLOW 2, Dawesome LOVE, VISION 4X Lite or LA-2A Compressor:


JRR sweetens the deal with Free INSPIRATA Lite reverb:



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AFAIK, what is great about BFD3 drums is that they are meticulously sampled, don't have round robins for the same level of velocity, and use neighbor samples to simulate round robins, which essentially means, that you can program your drums, using your mouse or computer keyboard, or pattern editor and not worry about humanizing velocities afterward.

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Is this the plugin where you can feed it audio and it'll come up with a part for you?  GarageBand had that, and you could switch "drummers" for different styles.  I thought it was great for songwriting when you didn't wan to program a mediocre track yourself. I'm not a Mac guy, and it would be handy to have something like that.

And can you export the MIDI?

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