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Novation FAST Bundle 80% off


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2 hours ago, Sander Verstraten said:

I think I got this one for free during that Masterclass, which turned out to be just a Dolby Atmos promo.

Don't think I've used it... 

These plugins were designed based on the same tech in Sonible's Smart series. They worked in collaboration. 


Sonible has a superior UI, and some additional features, but sonically, they are built on the same core tech, and I doubt anyone could tell the difference in an A/B shoot out. That free promo during the Masterclass was basically getting most of Sonible's AI tech for $0 dollars. I don't think many people realize that...and probably skipped the Masterclass promo and are now considering blowing lots of cash on the Sonible BF sale thinking they're getting a deal. 

And this promo puts the Fast Bundle at $51.68. :)

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I specifically said that you're getting the core Sonible AI tech for $50. And that's all recent tech - not ancient bits of code from the 80s lol. You pay the Sonible premium if you want the UI and feature set. Which is fine. But that Fast Bundle is excellent tech and hardly a joke.

But you seem to be easily marketed to.

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