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Bandcamp -> Wasapi = Audio Dropout?

Jon Gottlieb

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Hey guys and girls! 

I have a problem that I hope can help me. I've tried everything!

Earlier this month I got a interface from Behringer (UMC 1820), since I would like to be able to record drums. First of all, great interface! Easy to work with! 
However, i do have a problem. Everytime while i'm using more than 3 Preamps, i'll get a notification "Audio Droput". Are there any of you who know how to solve that problem?
I have tried to rise my buffer lenght, i have tried Asio and Wasapi. None of these works. My interface works in other Daws. Just not in Cakewalk. 
I hope some of you can help me. 
If, some of you says that my computer specs is low, and that is the problem, then i just want to share my specs:

Intelcore i5-7400, 3.00 Ghz
8 gb ram

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