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The NEXT thing you know.

John Vere

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Seems pretty quiet here when it comes to people giving Next a test drive. I know you are supposed to do that on Discord but it is sort of worse than FB. 
So how many have tried it and what do you think? 
I played with it all day and I think I can find some redeeming qualities lurking there. 
First it’s hard to get lost in a 1 room apartment with out any views. And not much furniture to trip over. 
It’s biggest asset is the track separation tool that I tested and it actually works. I took one of my original songs and it created Bass, Drums, Other instruments and vocals. Not perfect but this will work fine to convert cover songs into bass and drum tracks via midi conversion. 
A feature yet to be available is the CXF or Cakewalk Exchange File. This will open up a whole new world of sharing projects with Mac users.
Next has the Export CXF feature already but the ability to open it will be forthcoming with Sonar. 
In my case my partner only has a Mac and using a DAW of any sort is not his thing. But even an 8 year old kid can use Next and it will run on his beloved Mac. I’ll be able to show him what to do and he can record his parts at home. 

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8 hours ago, John Vere said:

Agreed that it’s totally off the map for serious DAW users but what about just as a tool? Like you don’t really need a Wave Editor but then they are a handy tool to use sometimes. 

My main music is rock. I also have Soundforge something and Goldwave. No, i don’t need it.
I must be honest though,, i did not spend/waste too much time on it, but……

Looking forward to Sonar however.


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I’m 70 and to be clear I hate social media web pages like Facebook. I avoid them all and only dive in when I have no choice.

It has become part of being a performer type musician if you want anyone to show up at gigs.
Discord was sort of painless. I didn’t install the stupid app. I did that later on my phone were apps belong.

I just followed the links from the Bandlab site, created an account using my obscure Google account, and thedownload was right there free for the taking. You install it and log in just like Cakewalk to activate. 
end of story.

I had questions about it so that’s why I logged in on my phone. It’s not been too weird, the typical Facebook type stacking of topics and confusing layout. But I soon figured out how to navigate the Next part of the site. Yes avoid leaving that room if you know what is good for you.

It’s  sort of like this forum but with a lot more idiots asking idiot questions than here. I got my question answered, I think he was staff and his name was Steve( ???)

Later  I answered a few peoples questions because after 10 minutes of using it I knew more than they did because first thing I did was start reading parts of the manual. Only 256 pages it’s exactly 8% of what the Cakewalk manual is 

Yes I did the math. 

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