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Gobbler (not about Thanksgiving or Turkey, tho)


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Does anyone else use the Gobbler(.com) sign-in service for any of the plugins? Sort of worked like Microsoft Authenticator, but was for a couple of VST plugins I was using that were associated with it, but now its not working. I think Gobbler has gone out of business.

When I first set up some equipment on my recording machine, I got some free plugins, and I don't recall which one(s) they were. But, I had to sign in to Gobbler each time I started the machine and expected to use whatever that plugin is that is associated with it. I had Gobbler set up to auto-sign-in so it was never an issue or bother. Until now.

If you use Gobbler, is there an alternative to signing in and still using whatever free plugs associated with it? I figure I'll know what plugs go with it when I try to load it one day and I get prompted to sign in to use it. Currently, I have soooo very many VSTs I'll never figure it out 'til I need it.

Any knowledge out there? Thoughts? Smart, funny, sarcastic comments are always welcome - keep them polite, please.

Thanks, Kevin

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Looks like they're gone... Maybe the support email can help.

"The Gobbler Marketplace is closed and no longer available.
We will return as soon as possible to provide information on how to contact the plug-ins publishers you had subscription(s) with.
We sincerely apologize for the suddenness of the closure.

Please send an e-mail to "support@gobbler.com" for all your questions."

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