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Cakewalk crashes when trying to open Project


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4 hours ago, tdehan said:

I am curious why this particular plugin would cause this as I've used it successfully in the past in other projects?

I rebuilt my system a couple of months ago and had a similar problem when trying to open some older projects. The offending plugin turned out to be the Cakewalk-bundled Breverb from back in the SONAR days. I stopped it from loading using Safe Mode, and the project opened and worked. But it turned out that I could re-insert Breverb in the same project and the project would load and function. Apparently at some point over the years there was an update to Breverb, and my older projects were looking for the pre-update version, and crashing the program when it tried to load the newer version instead. Maybe this answers your curiosity, although I think if it's fixed, you don't have to know what caused it.🙃

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I've run into this multiple times. Mostly on projects with lots of VSTs. It doesn't happen a lot but enough that I have to deal with it periodically.

The solution for me is to open a different project that WILL open without crashing, leave it open and then open the problem project. That seems to work every time.

At that point I usually remove the last two VST instruments or effects and re-save it. Then figure out which one is the problem VST.  It's almost always an effect but not always the same effect. It's like there is some limit I've hit or I've displeased the VST gods.

If I can't figure out the problem VST, I will try freezing tracks to at least make the project usable but I will often have a problem of crashing when unfreezing the tracks if needed later.

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