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Speed up playback for quick preview

Steve Hix


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This was in my notes (below) but if you haven't already, consider using Markers and/or the Arranger track to note where sections are.

- Ctrl+A to Select All

- Clip Properties in Track Inspector, expand Audiosnap.

- Check Enable.

- Set Follow Options to 'Autostretch'

- Click to check the Follow Proj Tempo box.

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On 11/2/2023 at 8:25 PM, Steve Hix said:

I have a very long audio track (voice over, not music) and want to find a specific part.

Is it possible to preview at 2x or 2.5x to locate that section and not alter the audio file itself?

Not really

Wrong tool for the job - If you use something like Izotope RX 10 it can transcribe your audio file so you can perform text searches.  

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Since it's voice, I assume it's a mono track.
Make a copy.
Select it.
Go to Process>Length. Set it to 50%.
Mute the original, listen to the copy until you find the spot you're looking for. Split or otherwise mark that spot.
Process>Length 100% 200%.
That should restore the clip to its original size and with the spot marked, you would know where to go on the first clip.
Do your edits or whatever else it is you wanted to do on the original track.
Delete the copy.
Seems a little bit convoluted, but if it's a 2-hour track, it may be ( 🤞) faster.

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My recommendations:

1. Try to identify chapters etc with Arranger Sections.  You can have more than one arranger track, so you could have one track for broader sections, then another arranger track with more granular sections.  You can use the Arranger Inspector for navigation to jump directly to the section within the timeline.

2. Use the scrub tool to audition at a more granular level.  To do this, hold down the "J" key, then click on the waveform. While holding down both the left mouse button and the J key, moving the mouse to the left will play forwards through the clip; moving to the right will play backwards.

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