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Recording using samsung galaxy phone

Mark Shirra



I'm brand new to bandlab and my last recording was done many years ago with a korg D1200. I'm time and space limited so the idea of recording with minimal fuss really appeals. I'd like to be able to record in bandlab using my Samsung Galaxy S9. I'm looking at buying a focusrite scarlett solo USB interface so that I have lines in for vocals and instuments. Is it possible to then run this unit into the S9 and use the bandlab app to record?  If not, is there some equipment I can buy to achieve this? ...and can i expect decent quality recordings doing it this way or would i be better off using bandlab on a laptop? 



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What I use (first on an S7 Edge; now on an S10+) to record audio on Android is the Audio Evolution Mobile DAW. They also sell the low-latency driver you'll need. The third thing needed is an OTG cable to make the USB port on your phone the master. Once the audio is captured, I transfer it to my PC and use my standard DAWs. IIRC, the total cost (AEM DAW plus their driver) was maybe $15. I had to buy a new OTG cable for the S10+, but no biggie. Works great with both my PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL and (thankfully!) with my Tascam US-16x08. I really don't know of a better native and not online recording setup for Android.

Audio Evolution Mobile DAW for Android

Extensive list of supported audio interfaces

It may also be possible to use their driver with other Android recording solutions, such as online.

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