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"One project at a time" option not working?

John Speth


I have a need to have two CbB projects open at the same time so I can copy/paste between them. There is an option in Preferences/File/Advanced called "Allow Only One Open Project at a Time". My option is NOT checked. Why can't I open more than one project with CbB? Is it now broken? Is there another way? I'm using version 2023.09.

My test method is:

  1. CbB is initially not running.
  2. Open project A by double clicking on A.cwp from Windows File Explorer.
  3. Open project B by double clicking on B.cwp from Windows File Explorer.

At this point, I expect to have two CbB instances running simultaneously. Instead, what happens is project A is unloaded as soon project B is loaded, all happening from the CbB instance that was created when step 2 completed.

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Cakewalk by BandLab is a Multiple-Document Interface (MDI) application, just like Microsoft Office once used to be. You can have multiple projects open in CbB, but they won’t show as separate instances of CbB in the taskbar. Instead, the projects are located in separate windows inside the parent application window, one on top of the other.

To display two Cakewalk projects at the same time, you open both projects and then from the main menu select Window > Tile in Columns (or Window > Tile in Rows, if you so prefer).

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