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Lookin' Out For You

Tim Smith

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This is probably my first delve into Country Rock, which I really am beginning to embrace as a new favorite. Not all of my music has religious themes but this one does.

After mixing it and coming back to it, it seems to be a bit sloppy in some places. If you can get past the intro the song livens up. After all these years mixing I still encounter issues with having a master that needs some control on the master buss of the DAW, so like any person who wants to make a good mix I will not drive limiters to the max, but try to keep it plenty loud.

The headphone output on my UA Volt 4/76 is at about half volume and when playing my mix back through it my computer volume controlling it needed to be at 66% for me to be happy with the volume. After I dropped it into TRacks for mastering, My LUFs were ok and on to SC upload. Then  the track seems to have less volume. I particulalry noted a difference in experience here between headphones and listening on my monitors since I did a lot of panning which sounds better on your ears directly.

If I drive the track really hot it looses all dynamics which seems to be the only way to make it comfortable loud on SC.


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