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SOLVED: Plugin panning does not work?

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I've been testing out Waves Harmony and noticed that panning within the plugin does not work - there's no audible difference, even if I pan hard L or R.

I then tried some other plugins - Waves Doubler2, Nectar4 Voices. Panning does nothing on them either. The voice always sound centered.

If I pan the actual track L or R it works fine.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a Cakewalk anomaly or issue? Don't have another DAW installed to test. Can anyone test and advise if you have the same issue?

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Solved. The track interleave was set to Mono. When I set it to Stereo all worked as expected. No credit to me - posted the same question at Cakewalk by Bandlab - Creative Sauce Group on Facebook and got and quick, accurate answer. I've got a lot to learn - thanks to everyone who visits and comments on these Forums!

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  • Sal Sorice changed the title to SOLVED: Plugin panning does not work?

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