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Beware of Incomplete Babylon Instrument Mappings

SloHand Solo

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Make sure you check the mappings for the instruments you have.  I bought it for the Shreddage line of guitars, and they only mapped the most very basic keyswitches!  Around eight of them.  There are a ton they left off, way more than half!  I ended up having to create them myself and will post them for free when I'm done with all of the guitars.  I think it's a bad way to market this package!  They should sell small packages for the line of instruments instead of selling a set in which I wouldn't use 90% of them.


They refused to refund the $95 or so for not having complete mappings.  I explained how I ended up having to map them myself for the guitars, which was really easy, and only took an hour or so.  They responded by saying that since I'm so good at it, I should just make them all myself.  Well that's great and all, but how about my money back for an incomplete product, in which they replied, "Enjoy your software".



Here's their Hydra mappings.  Note: The two listed guitars have the same mappings, so it's even less than you think





And here's mine









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I just wanted to mention that I am not slamming the company or product.  I am letting people know to check the articulations for their instruments before buying it to make sure it has all the articulations you're expecting.   They've got many other instruments with full articulation sets, like the Spitfire line.

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On 12/3/2023 at 1:19 PM, gustabo said:

And if you bought them in November, your free updates end at the end of December. Free updates for the calendar year of your purchase.

Correction, your free updates actually ended in November, just found out that there is no December update.

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