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Paul Bush

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Hi guy´s  well this one was a funny one to do it just didnt take off at all at first then it flew off in different directions  `this isnt a pop song it is what it is type song , I´ll post the lyrics Oh i wrote after seeing a documentary as always all comments are welcome ..cheers oh by the by I also made a video ..still photos and such like I´ll post as soon as its finished


Kensington Avenue       Paul Bush

Come on down to Kenny town , I can fix you right up

for a buck and a dime... no red carpet just cardboard

and crates Meet new friends make no mistake

No ones comming to rescue you, he´s gonna love you

much more than they do, he wont let you down,

So long you walk the street in his town ….


She didnt even get to say goodbye, Didnt get to

see the tears that they she cried, She had just young

love in her eyes, towing the bad boys line line

He turned her on like no one else before, She was

his slave , je t'aime dámour .....When she walked

the steets at night , Even after her first hit, still never

felt right....          ....solo....

Still didnt feel right....Never felt right....Ohh yeah


Welcome back to candy town , theres a few of us left

but some have gone to ground There´s no escape

Since your man left town , dont hesitate , coz I´m your man now

No ones comming to rescue you, I´m gonna love you

much more than he do , I wont let you down,

So long you walk the streets in my town ….

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 Cool song Paul. I was surprised by your vocal range !  Great guitar playing and tone . I especially liked the section around 2:16 ,  It seemed to have a Tom Petty (ish) quality.  Very Nice work as usual  Enjoyed the listen ..    mark

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Hey Paul . . . rock solid tune (and drums !) on this one ! Something about the electric guitar sound and it's chord changes really stands out special for my ears, as well as your vocals, you've always got good vocals. For a "pre mix down" I think you've captured a very large band, with a very balanced sound . . . my main mix advice would be, don't mess with that too much !

Just a solid song, much respect, might be one of my favs of yours (hmm, maybe except for A Moonlight Flit) very much enjoyed !



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Hi Chaps , thanks for the encouraging comments , I really enjoyed recording this one , once again I never know where its going . I was looking for a chorus and a hook but it just didnt arise so I just went with it  as it is  , And thanks Bruce (much easyer to write than noynekker ) thats good advice as i`ve just finished the mixdown , All it needed was a tickle of both Eq and a little bit of tube emulator no compressor and that was it  , funny you should mention ``Midnight flit´´ thats the most hit on song`s in my catalogue , I dont understand why really its not a pop song or a catchy tune ..so there`s still a place for songwriting  after all , cheers Paul

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On 10/23/2023 at 5:05 PM, steve@baselines.com said:

Awesome!  I love this style.  Over the past month or so, I watched a few of those YouTube videos about Kensington - I knew things were bad these days, but had no idea how far we had fallen.  Great lyrics and I love the music changes when the 'She didn't even get to say goodbye,' part started.  Great job!


Thanks Steve If you scoll through you`ll find the Kensington Avenue master mixdown  , Its certanly better than this mix , and yes Its a sorry state down there every city has its own Kenny town ....very difficult to manage ...lets face it these people dont vote .....so I dont see politicians doing a great deal .......cheers paul 

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16 hours ago, Lynn Wilson said:

Dang, Paul, this is some serious sh#t.  I want to emulate you!  If you do nothing else to this, it's solid gold!  More please

Thanks Lynn, I posted the master mix of this one a few fdays after posting this , also a friend of  mine made a video , this one seems to have hit a nerve so I´m pleased with the result , thanks for the nice comments Paul


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